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Book 2 - Levanto - Update

The story line for Levanto is busting at the seams so the revised plan is to split the book into two. The working titles are The Dark Rose and Levanto.

The Dark Rose provides the history of the evil that has plagued the Vasquez family, the drug lords, the Five Brothers, the old Spanish mission, and the town of South Point. The Dark Rose is an evil being of immense power who has been in command and control of this territory, unchallenged, for hundreds of years. Sensing her boredom her most loyal minion, Gressil, suggests a game to entertain his Mistress. He directs her attention to a tiny group of survivors, barely scratching out an existence in the desert surrounding the old Spanish mission. Within the community exists an insignificant group of teenage boys who refer to themselves as The Five Brothers. The defense of the community consists of a feeble old priest and the aging mothers who had survived the drug wars in this area nearly a decade ago. Gressil's report mentions the spiritual strength of the group as being weak and stagnant. However, recent additions to the community will most assuredly add chaos and uncertainty to the game.

Intrigued by the possibilities, The Dark Rose rewards Gressil with a promotion, increasing his power and authority. The two begin plotting and scheming and setting into motion their plans for the eradication of the small village while at the same time nurturing and molding the Five Brothers into becoming powerful subjects, loyal only to The Dark Rose. Armed with supernatural weapons, and an unquenchable blood lust, they will eagerly do the bidding of their Mistress. The Five Brothers unknowingly will have doomed their bloodlines for generations to come into the service of The Dark Rose.

Levanto will continue the story line of La Gorda surrounding the revival of the town of South Point and the struggling orphan community. The Twelve will break into new groups with new assignments. Primarily, the pursuit and rescue of the Lopez sisters and Megan Snow. Evil recently suffered a setback but the counter attack is coming soon. No rest for The Faithful of the church or the inhabitants of South Point.

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