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Follow along with the small community of South Point as they struggle to survive against the seemingly endless waves of disasters and setbacks.  The Faithful are besieged by evil on all sides.  The ongoing mysterious disapperances of their youth and the prosecution of their prominent pastor for unbelievable crimes are simply too much to bear.  The community collapses in the face of such horrendous events and yet evil doesn't rest and is never satisfied, never.

ISBN 978-1-64114-019-5 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-64114-020-1 (Digital)

A few years.  A few months.  A few weeks.  Simple multiple choice answers to a complicated question.  How long would it take to ruin a man, his family, his church, and his community?  Well if you ask Sheriff Marcus Wheeler he would tell you he holds the world record of accomplishing all four objectives in just a few days.  In reality, most of it was accomplished in under eighteen hours.

Was he proud of that record? Absolutely.  He had made a deal with Pastor Bo Ostermon and had told him "If you fail me, I promise you, I will make it my personal mission in life to destroy you and your family."  Bo refused to do what he was told so the sheriff made good on his promise and he did it all on the same day as Bo failed him.

It was a slam dunk case.  He sent that little preacher man away for eight long years and also made him the town hero in the process.  It also destroyed the preacher's church and those irritating followers of his too.  Icing on the cake.  Devils food no doubt.  Marcus couldn't help himself, he just had to laugh.

The Dark Rose


The Dark Rose was an evil being of immense power.  She had controlled her territory unchallenged for decades.  Her latest problem, she was bored.  Gressil, her favorite servant recognized her need and after providing her with his detailed report he suggested a distraction for his Mistress.

"MIstress, it seems there was an insignificant group of survivors left over from a decade old war between rival drug lords.  Your standing order at that time was to kill all adult males, round up all young adult boys to replenish the ranks of the drug lord, to serve as slaves, or die.  The young women and older girls to be delivered into slavery of one kind or another.  The children and the old women were spared, left behind in the burning rubble to wallow in their misery."

"The small group of survivors, five older women, five now teenage boys, and a feeble priest have carved out a meager existence in the remains of the abandoned Spanish monastery."


The Dark Rose's curiosity was piqued at the mention of the five teenage boys.   It had been a long time since she had recruited and trained human warriors for her own amusement. 

"Mistress, I believe you will find this last minute update of more interest. A mother and her three teenage daughters are about to be given sanctuary by the old priest and his flock."

The new arrivals presented no challenge to The Dark Rose, but they would make the distraction more entertaining.  "Well done, Gressil.  Inform our troops to vacate the area.  We do not want any interference while we play our little game."

Her use of the word 'We' thrilled him beyond measure.  "At once, Mistress.  And thank you for the honor."



Manny couldn't help it.  He simply couldn't bring himself to believe it.  "This man before me is pure evil.  Worse than that, he believes in God but despises Him.  He goes out of his way to be extra cruel to his victims if he finds out they are believers.  If he has a heart it would be hard as granite.  He won't change his ways, he derives too much pleasure from being evil.  Why would he deserve to be the recipient of such a blessing?"  Distinctly in his mind Manny heard the voice say, "Do you not remember Saul of Tarsus?  Was he not strikingly similar to the man before you?"  Manny understood and whispered to his tormentor, “Bring me your daughter.” 


He is severely beaten for even mentioning her.   Again, Manny whispers, “Bring me your daughter, God’s gift.”

Levanto backhands Manny and throttles him before he regains his self-control.  Manny utters between coughs, “Bring me your daughter, Juanita.”

“You have a death wish, señor, and I am about to grant it.  Any last words?”

The Ledger


The continuing story of evil's conquest of the small community of South Point and the local church.  The revenge of La Piqueta (The Pick) and La Rosa Oscura (The Dark Rose) and their evil seed.  The sinister organization known as Copper Canyon Casino redoubles their efforts to secure much needed land for their expansion plans.  They desire a south Texas spread, The Big Bea's ranch, and will stop at nothing to obtain it. 


The Wanderer, along with The Faithful, The Twelve, Rescue Teams Alpha and Beta, desperately need time to heal and recover from their physical, emotional, and spiritual encounters with Levanto and La Piqueta's cartels.  Evil never rests or sleeps and therefore time is a luxury they do not have.  Evil lurks everywhere they look and unimaginable setbacks along with life threatening situations are constantly testing the strength of their faith up to and beyond the breaking point.

Lost and Found


Most of the orphans from the camp, the abducted from South Point and the prisoners of La Piqueta had been successfully rescued.  Not knowing what to do with them they were brought back to the stronghold of the South Point Community Church.


When the rescue teams returned home they were amazed by the miraculous changes within the community.  Old friends returning home,  new faces anxious to help, donations pouring in to rebuild the small town.  There was talk of a new facility to be constructed for the exclusive purpose of caring for the incoming victims of trafficking.

Before the echoes of good news had faded away there were accounts of new abductions, scandals, and corruption already undermining the recovery efforts of the stronghold.

Trinity of Hope


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The Evil Within


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The Flesh is Weak


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