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    Eric Bentley, was born in Los Angeles, California in 1959 but moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1967.  He met his high school sweetheart, Joanna, in 1976, married her in 1982.  Still happily married, he remains captured by her dazzling green eyes which he affectionately refers to as his Queen’s big green beamers.   They have four children and four grandchildren, all residing in the Tulsa area.  Tulsa is located in the heart of the lush and beautiful portion of Oklahoma known as Green Country.

     Self-employed most of his adult life as a computer programmer, an owner of a small distribution business, and now as the property manager of his own real estate properties.  During the summer of 2016, while driving back from a beach vacation, the thought of writing a book came to him.  One thought quickly led to another and soon he realized he had better write some of these ideas down before they were forgotten.

     Joanna relieved him from driving while he grabbed a notepad and a pen from the glove compartment and began furiously jotting down his thoughts.  Hours passed in the blink of an eye as he flew through the pages scribbling notes, defining characters, backgrounds, themes, and so forth, anxious to get home and to his computer.  The ideas continued to flow so frequently he had strategically placed scratch paper and pencils throughout his home, on his night stand, near the shower, on the coffee table, along his walking path, in the car and so forth.  Daily he would gather up the notes and transfer and organize them into his computer under a file named “Notes and Nuggets”.  Over the next few weeks and months the story continued to blossom and define itself.  Before he even had a name for the first book he had outlines taking shape for a multi-book series.

     The Wanderer series currently has at least five planned books in the works and promises of many more so long as the inspiration continues to flow and the author and the readers continue to enjoy the journey.

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