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La Gorda - June 2018


Officially released at your favorite book store !!!  Don' forget to Like, Tweet, Recommend, and rate the book.


Book updates


The Dark Rose


As of May 2019

Manuscript in progress, estimate 75% complete.  Targeting completion and submission of manuscript before end of year.  Awesome new characters and groups to be introduced, The Five Brothers, Lilith (The Dark Rose), Gressil, Father McGregor, The Twelve, Rescue Team Alpha, Rescue Team Bravo, just to name a few.  Provides a little historical background behind the battle over the South Point stronghold, the evil human and spiritual forces in the region, the Vasquez family, the curse behind the machete (La Gorda), etc.  Then returns to the present to address the aftermath of The Visitation, the beginnings of the prophecy fulfilled, the growth of The Faithful, the search for Megan Snow and the Lopez sisters. 



As of May 2019


Manuscript in progress, estimate 30% complete.  Targeting completion and submission of manuscript first quarter 2020.


The struggle continues for the remaining members of The Five Brothers, their heirs, and their unbreakable bond as servants of The Dark Rose.  The capture of The Wanderer, the rescue teams, Roxie, and a guilt-ridden runaway from South Point by a sadistic cartel leader.  Believing his captives to be associated with a rival cartel he plans the best way to use his prisoners.


Back in South Point, The Faithful try to cope with fulfilling the demands of the prophecy.  Under pressure from the Prince of Darkness to retake the stronghold, evil discretely implements plans to infiltrate the town and undermine the plans of their hated spiritual and human enemies. 


The Ledger


Outline stage

After being made aware of the fate of their captured rescue teams, church members, and the runaway The Faithful are devastated.  The pastors need to find a way to get their flock to set aside their grief, refocus and redouble their efforts to move forward with their plans to fulfill the prophecy.  Requiring huge leaps of faith in several directions simultaneously tests the strength of the entire community.


Evil seizes the opportunity to plant more seeds of doubt, fear and mistrust.  Sow thoughts of greed, power, and jealousy along with small doses of guilt and shame.  Rumors spread of an evil presence moving through the community once again.  Frequent sightings are reported of a dark cloaked man with a hideous face appearing all over the city.  When another child is kidnapped the rumors begin to spread, the people quickly lose faith, and question their hasty decision to return to South Point.


Lost and Found

Outline stage

Having received answers to some their prayers the community finds the strength to move on with fulfilling the prophecy.  Some answers turn out to be more painful than not knowing.  The return of the rescued bring new problems and levels of pain not anticipated.  The desired closure for the family remained elusive.

Some of the rescued find themselves wishing to be returned to their former life where the pain was masked by the drugs.  Evil is more than willing to help grant their wishes.  With the reality of the complexities and costs of the recovery, rehabilitation, and restoration being seemingly insurmountable, The Faithful again struggle with their faith.  After a few incidents involving loss of life are reported, the town finds itself once again under the scrutiny of the news media and the damning videos going viral on the internet. 


Trinity of Hope

Outline stage

The community of South Point, once known for its church scandals, high number of kidnapped children, corrupt town leadership.  More recently the miraculous rescue of a congregation being held hostage in a church engulfed in flames.  The reports included witness sightings of spiritual beings and the fire chiefs official report of no signs of fire damage to the building.  The Texas Rangers apprehended dozens of heavily armed gang members and the mastermind of the siege, the corrupt town sheriff.


Now this small town is a turn-around story.  New town leaders, streets cleaned up, impressive population growth, new businesses opening, new construction including the visionary and unique medical facility known as the Trinity of Hope.  

Construction complete, fully trained staffed, compliance issues resolved.  Operations running smoothly, the facility earns the praise of hospitals all over the country.  Medical personnel from all over the country are lining up to secure a position on the staff of this state of the art facility catering to the needs of those rescued from human trafficking.  From rescue and recovery to rehabilitation and restoration, this is the model for future sites.

Don't look too closely you might not like what goes on behind the scenes.  This little community is full of troubles, bubbling, brewing, just waiting for the right time.  The demon lord isn't quite ready to unleash his onslaught against the hated angels and zealots.  Let them bask in their glory and accolades for just a little longer.


The Enemy Within

Outline stage

Like termites in an old wooden house eating away at the foundations, unseen by the unconcerned occupants going to and fro, evil reveals its presence and its goal to bring down the church, and its award winning hospital, like a house of cards.  Once again, its starts with the spiritual leaders of the community and evil can only be satisfied by this beacon on a hill, this stronghold of The Kingdom, being burned to the ground.  Its historical memorial being nothing but a giant heap of ashes. 

Under the watchful eye of court appointed auditors, the scrutiny of the media, and the evil presence determined to destroy their faith, The Faithful continue their struggle.  Seemingly taking two steps forward and one step back the town is reeling from the constant barrage of bad news.  As if headlines of kidnapped children still missing, crime and gang activity increasing, the continued reports of the mysterious cloaked man were not enough. Now we can add embezzlement, fraud, harassment, violation of trust charges being leveled against all levels of management. 

What happened to the good old days when the town was only worried about an amnesiac, homeless man and his dog.  Oh, and don't forget the corrupt sheriff.  He really wasn't all that bad was he?

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