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Levanto is alive !

Levanto, the working title for book two, has begun. Levanto, Spanish for I Raise, is a new major character in The Wanderer series, whose life has had multiple conflicts that change the course of his spiritual life from one extreme to another and then back again. Raised with a strong belief in God his life circumstances have led him to hate and despise God. So much so that he vows to torment the lives of believers whenever opportunity presents itself. He has adopted the philosophy of "If God can sit on His throne and allow so much pain and suffering to happen to his followers then I say there is no difference between good and evil and will live my life accordingly."

The saga of the South Point Community Church continues as they attempt to interpret The Visitation and accordingly their new roles. The Twelve and The Faithful are organized into three groups: Revival, Rescue and Restoration. Each with its own unique goals, objectives, and challenges. Divinely blessed the church and the community explode with growth. Many preexisting members return to the fold after hearing of the exoneration of their former pastor. Many others flock to the area after seeing or hearing of the miracles that had recently taken place.

Evil had been vanquished and driven out of the church and the community. Evil controlled this community for nearly a decade and desperately wants this stronghold back. Evil is patient, never truly defeated and counts on the weakness of mankind. Like termites, working in the dark and unseen, evil intends to slowly and methodically infiltrate the community and devour it from within.

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