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Morning jogger-walkies now take much longer

My morning jogger-walkies which consist of 50 laps around a warehouse, some jogging, some walking now take significantly longer. It isn't the 5+ mile distance, mind you. It's the interruptions. I keep having these revelations of new or better story line ideas while I am doing my laps. At my age, if I don't write them down I will forget them by the end of the walk. I now have a spot on my laps where I have 'staged' pencil and paper for me to write down these 'notes and nuggets'. At the end of my fifty laps I will gather up the scratch papers and transpose them into my notebook computer. Some days I am amazed at how many pieces of paper I had to use.

On several occasions I have felt the need to double back or to cut across the lap to get to the note station for fear of forgetting a really good idea. Sometimes, after resuming my walk, I have lost count of my laps so now I have a small can on the note station into which I drop a penny after each lap. Fortunately I am confident no one will rob me of my 50 cents during my walk although fifty pennies in one pocket has proven to be enough weight to cause me to have to pull up my shorts periodically during my laps.

Oh well, I will just chalk it all up to learning the sacrifices one has to make to become an author.

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